What is Extreme Driving & Extreme Driving School

Why Charleston Residents Love Extreme Driving and Extreme Driving Schools

While sitting in the slow stop and go traffic of Charleston, many drivers dream of extreme driving adventures, learning how to maneuver a high-performance car using driving techniques developed by professional race car drivers. Many Charleston residents who may have recently purchased the high performance car of their dreams can’t really experience everything that their automobile is designed to do driving it under the restrictions and limitations of city streets and traffic. That’s why many sports car and other high performance car clubs recommend attending an extreme driving school.

What is Extreme Driving & Extreme Driving School

What is Extreme Driving & Extreme Driving School

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Unlike traditional driving schools that teach you the rules of the road and safe driving habits, extreme driving schools use professional and stunt race car drivers as teachers to instruct students in everything from operating the car at speeds up to 200 mph, racing, braking and taking sharp curves without skidding out. Many drivers who attend extreme driving schools, also called high-performance driving schools, not only get the thrill of making road maneuvers on a designated track that they could never try out on city streets, but they also report that the skills they learn and the confidence they gain while extreme driving actually helps make them a better driver when they are back on normal city roads.

Various Extreme Driving School Courses

Extreme driving school courses are offered in a variety of formats, from short introductory half-day courses for a fee of a few hundred dollars to very intense three day seminars costing in the thousands of dollars. Some extreme driving schools enable participants to drive their own high performance vehicle on the track, while others include use of the most popular high performance cars available, such as the Ford Mustang, the Chevy Corvette, the BMW M3 or the Porsche 911. Even if you can’t afford to actually purchase the high performance car of your dream, an experience at an extreme driving school gives you the opportunity to enjoy the speed and performance of some of the most amazing sports cars on the marketplace.

Things You’ll Learn in an Extreme Driving School

At extreme driving school students learn not only how to drive a car at very fast speeds but also how to drive super fast while other drivers are also on the road. Positioning yourself properly in the seat, proper placement of hands on the steering wheel, hard braking and making quick lane changes are among the many extreme driving skills covered during participation in a high performance driving school.

Some Top Extreme Driving Schools

The Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in the Phoenix area and the Skip Barber Racing School with 10 locations nationwide, are among the most well-respected schools of extreme driving. To locate extreme driving schools nearest your location, contact the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) for a current list of accredited schools taught by professional instructors.