What is Extreme Driving & Extreme Driving School

What is Extreme Driving & Extreme Driving School

Why Charleston Residents Love Extreme Driving and Extreme Driving Schools While sitting in the slow stop and go traffic of Charleston, many drivers dream of extreme driving adventures, learning how to maneuver a high-performance car using driving techniques developed by professional race car drivers. Many Charleston residents who may have recently purchased the high performance car of their dreams can't really experience everything that their … [Read more...]

Key Things to Consider When Buying Auto Insurance for Convertibles

Buying Auto Insurance for Convertibles

Before you imagine how cool it would feel to go driving down the street behind the wheel of a new or classic convertible, ask yourself how deep you are willing to dig into your wallet in order to cover the cost of insuring this type of automobile. Compared with vehicles that feature traditional hard tops, automobiles offering convertible tops that allow you to drive feeling the wind in your hair typically cost more to insure. This is primarily … [Read more...]

South Carolina Insurance Requirements

South Carolina Insurance Requirements

South Carolina Insurance Requirements In the state of South Carolina, each and every driver with a vehicle registered in the state is required to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance to satisfy state mandated financial responsibility laws.  Drivers who do not comply with financial responsibility laws may be subject to a variety of different punishments for driving without insurance when they are pulled over by an office or the Department … [Read more...]

Charleston Driving and Insurance Statistics

Driving and Insurance Statistics

Key Statistics About Charleston South Carolina Auto Insurance Drivers in the state of South Carolina are required to purchase both liability and uninsured motorist coverage in order to drive legally in Charleston and elsewhere. The state's Department of Motor Vehicles has set a minimum coverage level of $25,000 per person for any bodily injury sustained in an accident, and a minimum of $50,000 for all individuals harmed during the course of one … [Read more...]

Obtaining A Car Damage Estimate

Car Damage Estimate

Tips for Obtaining A Car Damage Estimate Most people feel very lucky to escape any automobile accident without sustaining injuries. But they feel much less lucky when they see the damage done to their automobile and realize that they need to obtain a car damage estimate in order to file a claim to get money to cover those needed repairs from their insurance carrier. Because each insurance carrier has its own procedure for getting damage … [Read more...]

Best Car Insurance Comparison Sites

Charleston Auto Insurance

Car insurance is essential for all drivers. There are hundreds of different car insurance plans for drivers to choose from. Comparing prices is an important part of car insurance. Drivers typically want to get good deals, so they compare prices provided by different insurance company. The list below provides information of five car insurance comparison websites. Location Based Auto Insurance Quotes You can easily get a car insurance quote that is … [Read more...]

Charleston Auto Insurance Rates

When it comes to auto insurance, you’re well-advised to shop around for prices. Comparing auto insurance rates is important for a number of reasons. First, it provides you with a basic outline of what the current market rates are for your area and your type of vehicle. Also, it allows you to learn about a number of different plans, all of which may offer varying services and coverage at different rates. … [Read more...]